100 ex-British Council Afghan notifies BBC of their hiding. The staff was responsible for teaching English and British values in Helmand province. With the Taliban rising to power, they couldn’t go back to the UK.

They are in constant terror. One of them said, “6-billion out-of-stock messages released during the holiday.” The foreign office is trying to bring thousands home. They can apply for citizenship under ” The new Afghan Citizen Resettlement Scheme”.

The British Council promotes cultural and educational facilities. However, it works around the world to teach English. The council also has the knowledge of how desperate the circumstances are. Also, the council is attempting to bring them back.

The Afghan staff sent to teach “equality, diversity, and inclusion”. They faced a lot of suppression in their journey there. A man named Rahimalla notifies the BBC that they worked to educate communities. They also intend to educate us that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals are equal parts of our society. And, being one of them is not against Islam’s values.

The Taliban is in search of them. Their salaries are not paid. Taliban men abduct and torture them. They also killed one of them.

Afghan also notifies the BBC; they are moving from place-place. They are always looking for a safer option.

Many teachers are in need of help from the council. The lives of 100s of Afghans are in danger today. They are hungry, depressed, and scared in hiding.

Former Boss Joe Seaton calls out the council, saying teachers are asking him for help. He spent three and half years in Kabul. Also, the council must prioritize bringing the other back.

The evacuation for the Afghans was not effective enough. Joe says the teachers are suffering due to the reckless behavior of the council.

The only hope left now is ARCS. The government also opened up the Afghanistan Citizens Resettlement Scheme to bring back 20,000 people.

Credits: BBC

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