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Mississippi judge rejected to block the ban on Abortion laws. It means the ban on abortion laws will continue in Mississippi as well. All the state-clinic will fall under the premise of this law. The ban will be in effect from Thursday.

The ban on abortion laws is a major issue in America. Supreme Court rules out the landmark case of Roe v Wade. The highest degree court in the country has declared to take down the abortion laws. It is now turned to states for the implementation. Mississippi Judge also overturned the constitutional right to abortion. Abortion was a legal right in America. It was from the year 1973.

Mississippi rejecting the temporary block on the ban will indeed push the state in a backward direction. A place where women are not allowed to take control of their bodies. There are many protect, which includes participation from all gender. The anti-abortion supporters are also continuously seeking disapproval of the abortion ban.

The ban on abortion laws will be taking away the pro-choice of giving birth or not from women in the state of Mississippi. This is a great revolutionary transformation. With this law, not only America but the entire generation of women will push back. Women fought for their rights and earned them over time. A lawyer from one of the Mississippi clinics also explained how the right to an abortion fell under the umbrella of the right to privacy.

Mississippi state stands together with the supreme court on the ban on abortion law. With this judgment, millions of women will be losing healthy abortions procedure in the state.

Mississippi passed a trigger law in the year 2007. It was contingent on the Supreme court’s verdict. With almost 13 states passing the law, it curtailed women’s right to integrity not only just the body. Women’s body is once again falling under the patriarchial notion. The struggle for control over women’s bodies continues in America. The criminalization of abortion will make pregnancy unsafe and difficult for women.

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