baby girl

The police rescued a 5-day old baby girl from the drain. She was left to die in Mumbai, India. Currently, she is recovering at a local hospital in Mumbai.

Rajawadi hospital’s doctors informed BBC that she was recovering fine and her health was under supervision.

As per the reports, the local police have said that the residents saved the baby after a few cats gathered at a place near the road and created a ruckus- purring and hissing loudly.

Still, the police officers are doing their investigation on how the baby ended up in the drain.

A similar incident related to abandonments happened in India because they preferred sons and not daughters. There are cases of social women discrimination. Society considers young girls as a financial burden. It happens especially in the poorer sections of society.

The gender ratio of India is the worst on the globe. Illegal sex determination clinics abort most of the female fetuses. Also, there are several cases in India where there are cases of killing and abandoning of baby girls.

A women-led police team has rescued the bay from a sub-urban neighborhood of Mumbai in the latest case.

The police team found the baby girl lying in the drain. According to the police, the baby was wearing a flimsy shirt soaked in the sewage water.

Two of the police officers scooped the baby out, draped her in a firm cloth, and instantly took her to a nearby hospital.

Sheetal Sonawane, the police constable, said, “When we lifted the baby out, she was freezing; her arms had turned blue. We also asked for some warm water and cloth to clean the baby” to the Times of India newspaper.

This nasty incident created a stir on social media platforms. A photo was captured by the Mumbai police when the baby girl was in the officers’ arms. Also, they were cradling the infant draped in a white cloth.

Credits: BBC

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