Tennessee flash flood
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At least more than 22 people have been killed due to the Tennessee flash flood. Moreover, dozens of people are still missing. The rescue crews are now searching for more than 50 people in Humphreys County.

This record-breaking flood started on Saturday. It has submerged the entire roads while it has already taken out the power line and telephone lines. The emergency team is now searching for people in the worst-hit area. Rescuers are also combing through the debris of homes which this flood has already washed away.

They have listed the name of missing ones on notice boards at an emergency center in Humphreys County. On the Facebook page of the county, people are desperately looking for information that can help them to locate their missing relatives and friends.

“My niece has swept away,” one woman wrote. “Her family is still looking for her. They were told she was found, but it wasn’t her.”- said one post.

Most of the missing cases are from the town of Waverly. The Governor of the state, Bill Lee, visited on Sunday. This loss of life and property damage is surely devastating. He said that he is empathetic about the loss that the people of Tennessee are facing.

A woman, Shirley Foster, discovered that a friend had died. She approached Governor Lee as he reached out to the town.

Thousands of people in Humphreys County do not have any power. The reunification centers are now taking place at schools. The centers are asking people to donate the items to help those who are in this situation.

Emergency officials are expecting that this death toll will rise in the coming days. “I would expect, given the number of fatalities, that we’re going to see mostly recovery efforts at this point rather than rescue efforts,” Tennessee Emergency Management Director Patrick Sheehan said.

Another heavy event comes with the Tennessee flash flood as Storm Henry dumps heavy rain. More than 120000 homes are now without power in this region. Millions of people from Long Island and southern New England are taking cautions to prepare for upcoming calamities.

The storm will lose its powers as it is pushing out the Gulf of Marine on Monday afternoon. Many factors are contributing to the flooding. But a warning atmosphere is making the rainfall obvious.

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