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Two big enough Israeli Bookstores have said that they are stopping any kind of selling of the works of first author Sally Rooney. She had refused to give allowance to an Israeli publisher to translate her new book into the language, Hebrew.

The writer has said that this decision came in support of the calls to further boycott Israel over their policy towards Palestine.

The move that the Israeli bookstores hook is following up with a backlash against the decision of Rooney. Her stance further triggered many waves for both the praising and condemnation. It is giving birth to a war of words on Social media.

On Tuesday, the two bookstores, Tzomet Sefarim and Steimatzky, said that they would remove any kind of books from Rooney. The companies own more than 200 outlets across the nation.

It is the first cation that any Israeli booksellers have taken since the step from Rooney took place. She has turned down the bid of Israeli publisher Modan for the rights to further translate her book, Beautiful World, Where Are You.

She said that she was quite proud enough about the translation of her previous two novels in Hebrew. Built for this moment, she has chosen not to give any Israeli publishers the right to translate her books.

Rooney said that she took this decision out of solidarity with the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. It calls for a complete ban on Israel.

She said she could not accept a next contract along with an Israeli company that does not distance itself from the apartheid and supports the actions of Palestinian people.

Apartheid is a policy for racial segregation and discrimination that the white minority government forced against the black majority of South Africa. Israel has claimed the BDS opposes the existence of the country, and it gets motivation from anti-Semitism. It rejects any of the comparison with apartheid as a smear tactic.

Israel denounced the decision of Rooney. Diaspora Minister of Israel Nachman Shai has called a cultural boycott of Israel anti-Semitism in a new guise.

The author said that it would still be an honor for her to get her book translated into Hebrew.

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