Eighteen migrants died, and many others injured while trying to pass Melilla. This happened after an enormous crowd tried crossing the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

Those who fell from the top portion of the border fence died. Some even died due to crushing by the huge crowds.

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) posted a video about the violent clash.

Many migrants and security officers admitted to the hospital. This was one of the first mass crossings. The authorities of Morocco and Spain also stated that the migrants attacked the border with weapons. They attacked the border with sticks, knives, and acid. Also, all of them tried to cross at once.

This latest crossing attempted after the diplomatic ties resumed between Spain and Morocco.

Their relations changed after Spain supported Morocco. Spain supported its plan of autonomy for the region of Western Sahara. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez stated, “It was an attack on the territorial integrity of our country.”

Spanish officials stated that many people made efforts to break into the enclave. Around 2000 migrants stormed into the enclave fence. They did it after cutting off the fence. There were hours of discord between the security forces of Morocco and Spain.

They added that many got forced back. However, around 100 people got inside. They are even processed at the reception center.

Moroccan authorities also injured. Five of them seriously injured. However, no one died on the side of Spanish authorities.

The Spanish police officer said that the migrants use tactics and concentrate in the Melilla region, where the security is weakest. Sanchez also offered tribute to the officers on both sides of the border who faced the violent clash.

Melilla and Ceuta have gained the sights of people. This is because many Sub-Saharan migrants try to get into Europe through these enclaves.

Credits: BBC

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