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The US says that at least more than 1.7 million migrants have been detained along the border of Mexico. The incident took place in the past 12 months, which is the highest number that has ever been recorded.

Data from US customs and border protection reveals that more than one million migrants moved to their native countries or Mexico. Agents have apprehended people from at least more than160 countries.

The popularity of president Biden in the opinion poll is sinking, which is partly a result of his immigration policy. At least 35% of Americans have said that they have approved the handling of Biden in this issue. This data is surfacing as per the survey of an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Mr. Biden has promised a more humane policy for immigration than his predecessor. But the US-Mexico border is facing a surging crisis for the nine-month-old presidency of Democrats.

The detention number of 2021 is the highest since 2000. At that year, the US-Mexico border had held more than 1.6 million migrants. But the number has not touched1.7 million since the US authority first started tracking those entries in the 1960s.

The huge number of expulsions during the pandemic contributed to a larger number of migrants who have made any attempts to cross the border. Those who are trying to enter the US illegally are mainly from Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

The country has detained all those. The biggest category is the adults who are traveling without children, who are more than 1.1 million. At the same time, the US authorities have said that they have encountered more than 145000 children. It is a record number. More than 11000 of the children remain in government custody.

Some reports have found that there are reports of Covid, sexual abuse, and lice outbreaks. Hungry children are receiving undercooked meat. Sudden Sandstrom is engulfing the tent camps in the desert where the young people are living.

Republicans have further blamed Mr. Biden’s promise to create a path for the citizenship of the immigrants, which is urging the problem. Mr. Biden is facing questions on the matter of why he has not visited the border.

The White House press secretary said that Mr. Biden drove by the border in 2008 during his campaigning with Barack Obama as the Vice-president.

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