William Lai rubbishes rumours that President Tsai will be ousted by DPP once re-elected


We are very close to the Taiwanese Presidential Elections this year and the entire election campaign has also ended. It is now upon the citizens of Taiwan to make up their mind and select the best candidate out of the lot. In this year’s elections, we have DPP’s Tsai Ing-wen who is currently the president of Taiwan as well as KMT’s Han and PFP’s candidate competing against her.

However, we know that elections are also a way to spread rumours which are not even remotely discussed. Similarly, we have heard one rumour spread by the KMT camp which alleges that DPP is planning to remove President Tsai from her position once she gets re-elected in this year’s election. This is also a way by the KMT camp to convince voters who are favouring President Tsai to not vote for DPP as she might get removed.

But the rumour has been quickly rebutted by President Tsai’s running mate William Lai who says that they are totally false information. DPP is a party which favours independence for Taiwan and KMT alleges that William Lai is seen as more of a perfect candidate for DPP rather than Tsai. Also, there is some base to these rumours as President Tsai and William Lai has a fierce battle in the party’s primary. At that time, William Lai also said that President Tsai is not capable of running the country.

Now, it seems like all is well between them but William Lai also thinks that this is a move by his “political foes to drive a wedge between him and Tsai”. William Lai also said that KMT’s Tainan Councilor Hsieh Lung-chieh is an old acquaintance known for giving “absurd” remarks and this is not the first time he has done so. Mere days away from voting, this rumours needed to be addressed by the DPP camp and they have done so quite well we believe.

Source Taiwan News

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