We should be ready for military action if Chinese economy keeps declining says Taiwan’s Foreign Minister


We have seen that the US-China trade war has made a huge impact on the Chinese economy. There were reports that the US economy is also taking a toll but the bigger impact is on China. The latest numbers from China show that the economy has slowed down and their growth is at 6% which is below the expectations. However, many experts believe that China is notorious when it comes to hiding numbers. Therefore, it is possible that the actual growth numbers would be far less than what is revealed. According to some, the actual growth rate of China could be 3% which is not promising at all.

In such a scenario and also due to the Hong Kong protests, people will start to question the leadership of China’s Xi Jin-ping. If the economy keeps on falling and the protests keep on continuing, the pressure on the Chinese President will increase. In that case, it is possible that China could launch a military attack on Taiwan in order to claim the island nation which they claim is theirs. Taiwan’s Foreign Minister said this as he believes that this will be done to divert attention from China’s falling economy.

The Minister says that the Chinese Communist Party will want to divert attention away from internal matters and added that “We need to prepare ourselves for the worst situation to come… military conflict,”. He also said that China’s current economic status is “OK” but it could be declining further and he also says that some warning signs would be rising unemployment as well as “popular discontent”. Wu said that this might be “a factor that might cause the Chinese leaders to decide to take an external action to divert domestic attention,”. On the other hand, he says it is already a “very serious” source of tensions that China is increasing its military posture in the region.

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