US says that China is spreading misinformation in favor of KMT’s Han


The election season has already started in Taiwan as we know that Taiwan’s Presidential Elections are coming early next year. Now, we also know that Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen is not conformity of being re-elected for the second term. There are various contenders in line to get the role of Taiwan President by winning the elections and one of them is the KMT Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu. However, we have seen that Han is more famous for giving ridiculous comments and he is almost seen as a comedian in the country.

But that is not to say that he does not have the support required as we know that his chances are also good. The bigger factor, however, is the influence of China on Taiwan’s elections as we know that China will want to have a candidate elected who is in favor of China’s policies. We know that KMT’s Han is one of those who supports China’s thinking. On the other hand, Taiwan’s current President Tsai Ing-wen is against China and China will obviously not want her re-elected in the country.

For this reason, a new US think tank report reveals that China is spreading misinformation in the country favoring KMT’s Han. This means that China wants Han to be elected as the President of Taiwan in 2020 elections. But the report also mentions that Beijing might not get their desired result in next year’s elections if everything goes to plan. From this, we can take a guess that chances of Han’s election are slim and Tsai might be re-elected for her second and final term.

One thing that is not helping China is the Hong Kong protest situation where more and more people have realized that China is not good for them. This might also be a major factor in not electing a pro-China candidate in next year’s elections.

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