TutorABC’s ‘One China’ policy triggers Taiwanese English teacher to resign


A lot of things have been said about how China is attacking Taiwan constantly when it comes to its cross-strait relations. China has always demanded that Taiwan is a part of their country and they want to have it back at any cost. However, there is also the proposal by China to have “One China, two systems” policy. This means that China wants Taiwan to be a part of it but Taiwan can still have their own system. This is similar to how Hong Kong is where it is a part of China but it has its own constitution and everything else.

We also know that there are a lot of people in Taiwan who are opposing China including the Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. Taiwanese people say that they want to remain independent rather than joining China. Also, they have opposed the ‘One China’ policy from the Chinese Communist Party time and again. Now, a new report has emerged regarding the policy from China where it is said that a Taiwanese tutor had to resign. According to the report, TutorABC supports the ‘One China’ policy and it has become the reason for resignation from an English tutor in Taiwan.

Interestingly, the tutor is said to be an American but she says that TutorABC has a draconian approach regarding China’s ‘One China’ policy. The tutor revealed that when she joined TutorABC, she was told that while she leaves outside China, she has to follow the rules by China’s communist party. In an email sent by TutorABC in response to her resignation, TutorABC said that “We are a Chinese company, Taiwan is part of China.” She adds that it is ironic that TutorABC English teaching English to the students writes in poor English as the email reads “There is no necessary to argue about the political issue, we share different standpoint.”

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