Ticket sales for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will start in Taiwan later this month


We know that the Tokyo Olympics for 2020 are going to be held next year and it is the time that the tickets for the Olympics also start selling in various parts of the world. As a part of this, Tokyo Olympics 2020 tickets are also starting to sell very soon in Taiwan. In fact, the tickets for this event in Tokyo will officially start selling in Taiwan from June 26. This announcement was made by JTB Taiwan which is a travel agency based in Taipei.

However, the interesting part about this ticket sales is that the Tickets sales will only last for a month and it will be made available through the company website from 2 p.m. on June 26 to 2 p.m. on July 26 which was also revealed by JTB Taiwan. It should be noted that JTB Taiwan is the authorized ticket reseller for Tokyo Olympics 2020 in Taiwan.

Tokyo Olympics 2020, which will have 339 events in 33 different sports, will take place from July 24 till 9 August 2020 in Tokyo. JKB Taiwan says that a total of 3159 tickets will be allocated to Taiwan for the Olympic events and only 57 will be available for the opening ceremony. Only 40 will be available to Taiwan for the closing ceremony too.

The agency also reveals that the prices for the tickets will be priced according to the standards set by Tokyo Olympics organizers. JTB Taiwan gave an example by saying that the ticket price for a front row “Category A” seat at the opening ceremony can cost as much as NT$90,000 (US$2,863) per person, while a “Category C” ticket for an athletic event can be as cheap as NT$880.

JTB Taiwan also said that Category C and D tickets are mostly available for sale in Taiwan as they want to make the games more accessible to the people in Taiwan. Also, it should be noted that JTB Taiwan says that a ticket cannot be resold once it is purchased which means that you cannot transfer the ticket for a higher price once you have it.


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