Former Taiwan President Ma
Former Taiwan President Ma

There has been a major announcement from Taiwan High Court regarding the wiretapping case of Ex-President Ma. It is revealed that the Taiwan High Court will announce its final verdict on that case on July 12, Friday at 10 a.m.

This case is a retrial of the allegations on former president Ma Ying-Jeou that he leaked confidential and sensitive information. He is also alleged to have ordered an official to discuss wiretapped conversations during his time in office.

While the final session of the retrial was adjourned in February of this year, the High Court of Taiwan has finally decided that the verdict will be announced tomorrow.

Ma was convicted in 2018 on the allegations that he damaged the “character and rights” of Democratic Political Party politician Ker Chien-ming. This is when he ordered prosecutor-general Huang Shih-ming to discuss telephone wiretap transcripts while in office.

Also, it is known that Ma was found guilty of revealing information from the judicial investigation which should have remained confidential. He was also found guilty of passing that information to other leaders of Kuomintang.

However, a retrial was ordered on January 3, 2019, when the conviction was overturned based on “lack of clarity” on certain aspects related to the case.

It is also said that the alleged crime occurred when Ma was still in office in 2013 and a major controversy was created inside the KMT party due to this issue.

Also, Ma was allegedly using this information from the investigation into Ker for allegedly defaming an intra-party rival and the Speaker of Legislative Yuan, Wang Jin-ping at that time.

Ma was even sentenced to four months in prison while the original trial concluded in May 2019 and then the appeal resulted in a retrial of the case. Instead of the four months of prison, NT$120,000 were fined to him. However, Former President Ma also had legal immunity until he left his office in 2016.

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