Tencent might have leaked the data of actual deaths caused by Wuhan virus


One thing we have noted regarding the Novel Coronavirus, or the Wuhan virus, which has originated from China is that the data might not be accurate. We have seen that China is notoriously known for hiding actual data and this might be one more case of the same. This is because people have been estimating the damage caused by the Wuhan virus to be far more serious than what the official figures show. And this is because China has locked down the whole of Hubei province while it just shows 500 people have died due to this virus.

If that’s the case, we have seen such types of viruses in the past but there have not been lockdowns as severe as this one. Also, the Chinese government said that the bodies of people who have died from this virus will be cremated and not buried. This is also one instance where the world community doubts if the actual number of deaths is anywhere close to what the authorities are saying.

Now, we might have just seen the actual data from the damage caused by China’s Wuhan virus thanks to Tencent. Tencent, which is also said to be the Google of China, might have just revealed the actual number of people infected and deaths caused by this virus. And if these figures are accurate, the virus is extremely dangerous and has caused massive harm.

As per the figures, as seen from the screenshot on Tencent, the confirmed cases of coronavirus have been 154,023 whereas it also says that the suspected cases are 79,808. Also, the death figure due to this virus is said to be 24,589 which is way higher than the official figure given by China. However, we need to note that Tencent might have made a mistake in these figures but it is also true that this might be the accurate numbers as well.

Source ZeroHedge

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