Taoyuan Mayor
Taoyuan Mayor

There has been a lot of talk about the Taiwan Presidential Elections and the fact that President Tsai is bidding for her re-elections in the upcoming elections taking place early next year. However, we have seen that Tsai Ing-wen has not elected yet as her running mate who will also be the Vice-President if Tsai gets re-elected as the Taiwan President. Now, there are speculations that Taoyuan mayor could be named as the running mate by President Tsai. And we have been hinted by the Taiwan Premier that this could indeed come true and Taoyuan mayor could be named as the running president.

However, the Taiwan Premier also expects that Taoyuan mayor could become the next president of Taiwan. We know that Taiwan President Tsai if re-elected, will serve her second and final term in the office which will end in 2024. After that, her running mate might be appointed as the President of Taiwan and if her running mate is Taoyuan Mayor, he will be the next President.

This was hinted by Taiwan Premier at the inauguration of a new Taoyuan Mass Rapid Transit line on Friday. There was a groundbreaking ceremony held for the new MRT line which is traditionally done before any project is started. Taiwan Premier said that once the MRT line is completed which is expected by 2026, Taoyuan Mayor could be attending the event as Taiwan President.

Taiwan Premier’s exact words were: “I can predict when the Green Line will have been completed, there is a strong possibility that Cheng Wen-tsan will chair the ceremony as president,” as the mayor was listening to Taiwan Premier’s speech in the audience. This speech comes from Taiwan Premier when President Tsai will be visiting the US next year for her re-election bid with Taiwan communities on east and west coast.

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