Taiwan’s Yi Fang Fruit Tea has closed 30 stores in 4 months since the controversy


We know that there has been a lot of things said and done about the Yi Fang tea stores in Taiwan in the past few months. This is related to the controversial statements that have been circulated by the Yi Fing tea store’s social media accounts. The store has said that it was done by an employee who has now been removed from the job. However, the backlash from that statement keeps on continuing for the Yi Fang tea store and there is no sign of improvement. For those who are not aware of the development, Taiwan’s Yi Fang tea store account voiced its support for the ‘One China, Two Systems’ policy in August which was met with heavy criticism by people on the internet.

There were also talks of boycotting the tea store and that is exactly what has happened to the franchise. After that incident, the brand has lost its reputation and people are not preferring to go there which was once the top brand for tea in Taiwan. A new report has now emerged which reveals that the controversy which happened four months ago has costed the tea store brand dearly. This is because they have had to close 30 of their stores in the last 4 months alone after the controversy.

The main reason behind the shuttering of the latest branch by the Yi Fang fruit tea brand is ‘lack of customers’ as announced by the branch of social media. Yi Fang’s founder and director has announced that 30 out of their 180 stores in Taiwan have been closed now but they are not willing to end its operations from the market just yet. Having said that, we know that the Yi Fang tea store is being boycotted for choosing the ‘wrong side’ and showing its support for China while operating in Taiwan.

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