Taiwan’s vote-counting system praised by an American scholar


The topic that everyone, including us, have been talking about since the last few months is the Taiwan Presidential Election 2020. At this point, you must have known that Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen got re-elected defeating her opponents from KMT and PFP. Now, we also know that the election system in Taiwan is different than what we have in countries around the world such as the US and others. Therefore, it is obvious that the people around the world will be curious to study the election system of Taiwan.

Right as you would expect, an American scholar recently visited Taiwan in order to study the election system as well as the vote-counting system in the country. This American scholar named Kharis Templeman said he was here to study the election process in Taiwan. Kharis added that studying these elections has made him realize that Taiwanese will use their lives to protect their democracy. He also added that this applies to the process of announcing and counting the ballots too.

American scholar says that once the voting ended, he saw that the ballot boxes were sealed immediately and vote counting commenced soon after that. He also said that the vote-counting process involves announcing the ballots such as “a vote for number 2, Han Kuo-yu” and “a vote for number three, Tsai Ing-wen,”. He added that this process sounded to him like sutras being chanted inside a temple.

He says that Taiwan’s vote-counting is one of the most unique experiences of Taiwanese democracy. Also, he said that each ballot is opened, names of candidates are called and ballots are raised high for everyone to see which is very unique. Also, the scholar added that countries around the world including his own can learn from transparency and openness in Taiwanese elections’ process. Taiwan also proved that democracy can overcome fake news, he added.

Source Taiwan News

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