Taiwan’s TSMC all set to become world’s no. 3 chip supplier


We have seen that the world’s chips seen on smartphones, TVs, tablets and other electronics is manufactured in Taiwan most of the times. However, most of the world believe that their chips are made by China and Taiwan is not recognized globally as a result. But we are all set to see Taiwan recognized as a global chipmaker because of the fact that Taiwan’s TSMC is set to be ranked as world’s no 3 chip supplier. TSMC which stands for Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company is expected to have a 1% increase in revenue year-on-year which is despite the fact that the world’s top 15 IC suppliers have suffered a downturn in combined sales.

Apart from TSMC, it is known that MediaTek which is a Taiwanese IC designer is also forecasted to take the No. 15 spot as per a report from the US-based market information advisory firm. With the increase of revenue for TSMC, its total revenue is expected to hit US$34.50 billion in 2019. This means that TSMC will replace dynamic random access memory maker SK Hynix of South Korea in the list. However, the uplifting of TSMC in the list is majorly thanks to others suffering heavy loss in revenue as SK Hynix’s revenue is expected to drop 38% year-on-year compared to 2018.

However, it must also be noted that the global revenue of all the 15 top IC suppliers is expected to decline since they were affected by the US-China trade war. As per the forecast, the estimated revenue of these top 15 IC makers will be US$314.89 billion which is 15% down from last year. Apart from that, TSMC also forecasted that its sales could rise “slightly” and this rise is believed to be mostly because of its efforts in developing a 7nm chip used in smartphones and other computing devices. It is to be noted that Apple’s latest iPhone 11 series is based on TSMC’s 7nm chips.

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