Taiwan’s New Power Party Chairman Chiu Hsien-chih announces his resignation


In recent news that would stir politics in the country, Taiwan’s New Power Party Chairman has tendered his resignation. NPP’s chairman Chiu Hsien-chih has announced he is leaving the party.

This is expected to be a big flow for the third biggest political party in Taiwan which has now become leaderless ahead of the Taiwan Presidential Elections which will take place early next year. Now, this situation is because of the internal problems arising at Taiwan’s NPP.

In recent times, NPP has struggled to find the direction in which party should move forward ahead of next year’s elections as there are different factions in the party as well. The resignation of NPP Chairman is believed to be for this reason as well.

Also, there are reports that the forming of a political party by Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je has also a part to play in the leaving of NPP’s chairman. Because many in Taiwan believe that the support for NPP will drastically reduce because of Taipei Mayor’s new political party.

Apart from that, NPP lost Freddy Lim recently too who announced that he will run for Legislative Yuan as an independent rather than being with the NPP. CNA also reports that troubles of NPP are already high as one of its legislators named Kawlo Iyun has been named in a scandal. NPP has already suspended Kawlo’s party membership on the allegations that she “abused her position in the party to improperly fund non-governmental organizations unrelated to the NPP”

However, the troubles do not seem to stop for NPP as another legislator from the party is threatening to leave them. NPP legislator Huang Kuo-chang says that he will leave the party if NPP is too supportive of Tsai Administration. Huang is said to contest as an independent or even join Ko Wen-je’s new political party.

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