Taiwan’s new law will help boost organic farming in the country

This law has already come in effect from May 30 in Taiwan


Taiwan is one of those countries which relies on its farming industry a lot. And for this reason, the Taiwanese government has to look after how it’s farming industry and the farmers are performing. Also, they are there to solve any problems which are faced by their farmers. For this reason, there is a new law which comes into effect from May 30 in Taiwan. This new law is said to be a stepping stone for a new phase of agricultural development on the country. This new law, named as Organic Agriculture Promotion Act, has already come into effect in the country.

Talking about the act, it is designed in such a way that water soil, environment, biodiversity, animal welfare as well as consumer interests are protected. Apart from that, this law also provides a legal foundation for eco-friendly use of resources. This shows that the government is looking to promote the use of eco-friendly resources in the country.

On top of the new law, the Government is also providing a subsidy to farmers who are ready to shift to eco-farming. As announced by Minister of Council of Agriculture, Chen Chi-Chung, the government will provide a subsidy from NT$30,000 up to NT$80,000 per hectare for all such farmers.

Now, this is a great step to urge farmers to shift to eco-farming which will benefit the natural resources of Taiwan in the longer run. Also, there is a provision of machinery and organic fertilizer in the law as well. The government has also announced a 40% reduction in rental fees for using public property to do organic agriculture.

Government has also announced that it will push to increase consumption of organic agriculture produce in schools, military as well as public institutions. Also, COA will look to promote the organic educations, cultivation of experts and marketing assistance for farmers by establishing a new unit.

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