Taiwan’s KMT Candidate is ‘a joke’ say 99% people, just 1% back him according to a poll


You must have seen that the preparations for the Taiwanese Presidential Election are in full swing. We are also aware that the presidential candidates are doing their best to attract voters to their side. However, we must add that the Chinese issue with Taiwan is going to play a big role in who is selected as the next president of Taiwan. In between that, we also know that Taiwan’s KMT Candidate Han is criticized left, right and centre, for his stance on China. However, there are people who support him too which is why he has become the presidential candidate for KMT.

But a new poll suggests that Han has to worry about his Presidential Campaign. While we can say that polls are no way to judge a candidate, they are also a good indicator of what is the mood of the public. According to this new poll, the netizens were given options between KMT Candidate being ‘a joke’ and supporting him. The poll results showed that 99% of the voters thought Han is ‘a joke’ whereas just 1% of the voters support him. Now, we can say that this poll’s voters must have been people who oppose Han right from the start. But we can also see where things are going with Han and how people find him funny and not a candidate fit for the Presidential job.

Apart from the voting, there were comments from the netizens below this poll and some of them read as Han is a “Variety show comedian.” and that he comes up with “A new surprise every day.”. Some also demanded a new option saying that “I want an option that says, ‘Han Kuo-yu is a joke, so he’s worthy of attention”. However, there were some who supported Han and said that “I can’t live without him! There must be a flag-raising platform and a national flag on top of all mountains to show patriotism! The only one I support is President Han.”

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