Taiwan’s Foxconn will make iPhone Xr and iPhone 11 in its Indian plant`


Taiwan is home to one of the biggest smartphone manufacturing factories in the world. We are currently talking about Foxconn whose founder is also in the race for presidential elections in Taiwan. However, the fact is that Foxconn is the manufacturer who makes iPhones for Apple in Taiwan and China where it has its plants set up. But you must also be aware of the tensions between China and Taiwan over various issues. One of them are the Hong Kong protests which was recently added to the list. For this reason, China is no longer the preferred country for Foxconn to have its factory there and manufacture iPhones for Apple.

We also had reports earlier where it was said that Foxconn is even looking to sell its Chinese plant which is one of the biggest from Foxconn in the country. Also, most of the iPhone production is set to be shifted from China’s plant to Taiwan so as to avoid the US tariffs. Now, we are also getting some reports that Foxconn might shift some production of its iPhones to India as well. In India, there is a Foxconn plant in the city of Chennai where the company mostly assembles products for the market.

But since the US-China trade war and other issues regarding China have persisted, Foxconn’s Chennai plant might soon manufacture iPhones too. At the moment, we have reports that the iPhone Xr might be made in India. After that, the production of iPhone 11 might also be taking place if everything goes well. Interestingly, iPhones made in India by Foxconn will be exported to Europe as well so as to avoid the tariffs. One thing to note here is that this will also mean that the iPhone Xr will be much cheaper for Apple since the 20% import tax for its iPhones will not be levied by the government.

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