Taiwan’s communication watchdog wants to regulate streaming services


We have seen how countries around the world are moving towards regulating the services that are operating inside their territory. Recently, we heard about the regulation of e-commerce companies and now we have a new report from Taiwan. In the report, it is revealed that Taiwan’s National Communication Commission is considering the idea of regulating all the streaming services present in Taiwan. This means that the commission is planning to put some restrictions on what is allowed on streaming services and what is not through these regulations.

It also means that Taiwan’s NCC is taking steps towards establishing the first streaming service regulations in Taiwan and the world. If these regulations come into effect, it will be the first time that any streaming service will be regulated all over the world. While we have seen many countries trying to regulate streaming services, we have never seen any regulations set in place by any of them. These regulations would also apply to streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, iQiyi which are loved by people in Taiwan and also over-the-top media services which bypass cable and satellite TV platforms which are regulated.

At the moment, Taiwan also does not have any law which could govern illegal usage of OTT services and stop it which is the main reason why NCC wants to regulate the streaming services since last year. Also, NCC Executive officer revealed that initial draft laws have been generated for the most part, with basic principles such as protecting consumers and targeting obvious unlawful behaviour. He added that NCC has reached out to international media service providers to assist Taiwan in promoting its cultural heritage as well as introducing local content. Taiwan’s NCC also believes that the other countries might take its streaming service laws as a reference so there should be no shortcomings in their law.

Source Taiwan News

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