Taiwan’s 15-year-old bubble tea shop rumored to be shut down


While there is a lot of craze about bubble tea in various parts of Taiwan, we know that there is a lot of tradition attached to it as well. You must be aware that there are shops in Taiwan selling bubble tea which are decades old and one of them is Chen San Ding which is also famous for its beverages.

This shop is located in Taipei and has been selling bubble tea for a decade and a half until recently when the shop was suddenly closed and it has not happened since the past two weeks. Apparently, there has been a talk on Chen San Ding which says that the shop is involved in tax evasions as well as there was a “cockroach” incident inside the shop.

Talking about the tax evasions, it is said that the shop was doing some measures to save taxes but nothing has been proven as of yet. However, the more severe issue was the “cockroach” incident where it is revealed that a “cockroach” was found in Chen San Ding’s bubble milk tea and the photo of that incident has also gone viral.

Now, this is a safety hazard and something that should not be tolerated. Also if you take a look at the photo then you will notice that the “cockroach” can’t be missed while making the bubble tea which means that there was a serious hygiene issue. Some users on the internet also say that they saw the owner of Chen San Ding move his equipment out of the shop hinting that they might have shut down permanently.

About the “cockroach” incident, the couple that found the insect inside their bubble tea said that they were being offered an NT$1,000 as compensation for not disclosing this matter in public. However, the couple decided to reject his offer and revealed the incident which might have caused the owner to shut down completely.

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