Taiwanese voters should give one last chance to ‘previously bad KMT’ says Han’s wife


While the world is watching Taiwanese presidential elections with eager eyes, we know that the politics in Taiwan is still quite intense. This is because we don’t know if the voters of Taiwan have locked their opinion on who they are going to vote on election day. For this reason, the presidential candidates are still trying to urge their voters to vote in favour of them.

In the latest such incident, we saw Taiwanese Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu’s wife, whose husband is from the KMT, urging voters to vote for KMT. She begged the voters of Taiwan to give ‘one last chance’ for the KMT party by making them victorious in the upcoming elections.

However, it was also weird to see that Han’s wife said that KMT has been ‘previously bad’ and voters should give them a final chance. She added that she knows KMT “was not good before” but opines that they deserve “one last chance”. She also talked about the reported relationship between Han and his mistress. Han’s wife said that “It is so strange that the presidential race has fixated on Lee Chia-fen,”.

She said that the elections have now come down to gossiping over her relationship with Han Kuo-yu and she feels that should not have been the case. Dismissing the rumours about their relationship not being great, she said that “If we did not have a good relationship, why would I campaign this much for Han?”

Han’s wife also told voters “not to worry” about the thin appearance of Han and added that both she and Han worry about is the “future of Taiwan” and not anything else. Also, she revealed that people ask her “How is your relationship with the mayor? It’s embarrassing.”

Closing her rally, she said that “The Kuomintang was not good before, everyone should give the Kuomintang one last chance. Believe in the Kuomintang once more. Believe in Han Kuo-yu once more, and don’t be cheated twice by Tsai Ing-wen. Han Kuo-yu will give you a fresh Kuomintang,”

Source Taiwan News

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