Taiwanese people vote for both KMT and DPP in legislators-at-large election results


One of the biggest news from Taiwan is that the results for the 2020 Presidential Elections have been declared by the CEC. The Central Election Commission in Taiwan has announced that Tsai Ing-wen has been re-elected by people of Taiwan as their president.

This means that President Tsai who was already the president of Taiwan will serve her second and final term for the DPP after which she will not be allowed to contest the elections. One thing to note here is that while this was an election between DPP, KMT and TPP, it was an election of ‘pro-independence’ versus ‘non-independence’ as well.

We say this because KMT was quite evidently in favour of Taiwan merging with China as an independent nation controlled by China. However, DPP and its candidate Tsai Ing-wen were opposed to any intrusion from China. So we can say that the people of Taiwan have voted for pro-independence by electing President Tsai.

Having said that, it is also seen from the legislator-at-large election results that even though President Tsai got a landslide victory for her presidential ballot, the honours are even between both KMT and DPP. While it can be said that TPP has come in third place and a distant one at that.

Talking about the numbers inside Legislative Yuan, DPP which is once again the ruling party has secured 33.9% seats in the elections whereas the KMT has also managed to get 33.3% seats which equate to one-third of the total number of seats.

As far as TPP is concerned, Taiwanese people have only given them 11.2% seats in the elections placing them in the third position. It is also worth noting that ‘Others’ have got a seat share of 10.3% in these elections which is quite large in comparison. With this, DPP has once again secured a majority in the Legislative Yuan with more than 60 seats.

Source Taiwan News

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