Taiwanese military reportedly upset as crashed Black Hawk’s flight recording leaks


As we had reported earlier this week, a Black Hawk helicopter crashed in the mountains of Taiwan killing 8 people of the Taiwan military. Among the victims was also the top commander of the Taiwanese military which makes the incident a high profile one. Now, we also informed you about that Black Hawk helicopter’s black box is found meaning that all the data will be analyzed and cause of the incident will be found after an investigation. However, someone in the Taiwan Transportation Safety Board did not have patience and has reportedly leaked the recording data from the helicopter.

Not only that, but Taiwan’s transportation safety board also suggested that there might be a human error in the crash after its preliminary analysis. However, the board now denies the reports that it ever suggested human error in the crash. In between all this, we also have reported that the Taiwan military is massively upset with the board. First of all, the military is upset about the leaked recordings and also the analysis made by the board which is too early at the moment.

Ministry of National Defense officials didn’t like the decision by transportation safety board to provide a preliminary analysis of the cause of the fatal incident. Moreover, it is also being said that the ministry has pledged to take legal action against the individuals who were responsible for leaking the information to the public.

According to the preliminary analysis by TTSB, they have 80% ruled out the chances of turbulence or mechanical failure for the cause of this accident. While we have reported that the Taiwan military is upset regarding the analysis, both TTSB and the military have denied such reports. TTSB says that its analysis is based only on the black box data and that military is spearheading the investigation which will be out soon.

Source Taiwan News

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