Taiwan will donate 100,000 face masks to Australia due to wildfires


Out of everything that is going on in the world right now, the most devastating and disturbing piece of news is regarding the Australian wildfires. One thing you need to know is that wildfires in Australia are quite common. But, we also know that this time’s wildfires have been unlike anything we have seen before and they have been continuing for months now. Also, there have been reports that more than a billion animals have been charred to death in these wildfires which is heartbreaking as well.

One great thing that we have seen from the global community is the support Australia is receiving due to the wildfires. Celebrities from all walks of life such as Musicians, Athletes, Actors as well as the general public in Australia has been donating for the cause. Now, we are seeing that other countries and their citizens are also trying to help Australia in the best way that they can. Talking about Taiwan, the government has now announced that it will donate 100,000 face masks for the people of Australia. These face masks will also be helpful for all those in Australia who are trying to do relief work and save people and houses from the fires.

As per Taiwan’s MOFA announcement, these 100,000 face masks will be medical-grade which should help the people involved in rescue operations as well as in avoiding the pollution caused due to fires. Due to the wildfires, the air quality in Sydney has crossed the “hazardous” mark and is currently 11 times more than that level which tells you about the AQI there right now. It is also said that the fires and smokes due to the wildfire have already reached New Zealand which is the neighbouring country to Australia and is expected to at least make one round across the world in the coming months.

Source Taiwan News

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