Executive Yuan Spokeswoman Kolas Yotaka
Executive Yuan Spokeswoman Kolas Yotaka

While we have already seen the US government blacklist products from China in what they call is an “entity list”. Basically, the companies that have been mentioned in the entity list will not be able to supply their products in the US and companies are also banned from buying and using these products in the US.

Now, the Taiwan government is also planning to do what the US government has already done. Executive Yuan Spokeswoman Kolas Yotaka has announced that Taiwan has also prepared a list of companies that will be banned and public agencies will be prohibited from purchasing or using products from these Chinese companies by the end of July.

This move is seen as one made for heightened oversight and regulation of telecom equipment to protect national security. As we have already seen, new guidelines were also introduced in April which govern the use of ICT products among government agencies in Taiwan. This move is also seen as an extension of those guidelines.

Some media reports reveal that the draft that is being prepared for banning Chinese companies in government agencies includes the likes of Huawei, ZTE, and Hikvision. After the US, Huawei might become the first telecom company to be banned by two government from using its equipment in public agencies.

We also know that the US government has already blamed Huawei for having close ties with the Chinese government. However, the Taiwanese government also believes that Huawei has close ties with China’s military.

Although Huawei’s 4G products are already banned by Taiwan since 2014, the government ramped up the process of banning its products as the reports emerged of Huawei being a “trojan horse” for “global espionage campaign” by China.

Kolas also mentions that the list is not final yet and there is a possibility that more companies will be added to the list in coming days.


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