Taiwan wants its stranded citizens back from China, offers help to fight the virus


We have been informing you about everything regarding the Wuhan virus which has been spreading like an epidemic in every part of the world. The one country which was left to have a case of Wuhan Virus, India, also reported its first case of a patient tested positive yesterday. This means all the major countries around the world now have at least one case of Wuhan virus. However, the interesting thing to note here is that people who have come from Wuhan are seen to be tested positive with this virus.

Despite that, Taiwan’s government now says that it wants its citizens back from Wuhan who are currently stranded. One thing to note is that China has locked down its citizens inside Wuhan and the roads, air and rails have been blocked in and out of the city. This is to prevent any further spread of the virus inside China and other parts of the world.

Now, we know that this is a safety measure but it also means that Wuhan has been cut from the rest of the world. The people in Wuhan, who are not having the virus, also have limited food and other supply and many say that their supply will finish in next week or so if the situation remains the same.

Also, Taiwan has offered help to China in fighting the coronavirus which has become a deadly one now and it is also declared a public health emergency by WHO. However, we know the tensions between Taiwan and China and we believe that the help offer from Taiwan will be rejected by the Chinese regime for sure.

It is revealed that around 400 Taiwanese have been stranded in Wuhan due to the lockdown and it is not known if any of them have been tested positive with the virus. This is also the city where more than 170 people have died due to the coronavirus which falls in the Hubei province.

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