Chiu Kuo-cheng
Chiu Kuo-cheng

Yesterday, we reported about the Cigarette Smuggling scandal that has unearthed in Taiwan. This apparently led to Taiwan’s Intelligence Agency NSB chief to resign. This is because the smuggling of cigarettes was done by an NSB agent who was helped by the foreign trips of President Tsai. Also, Chinese Airlines officials were also known to be involved in this scandal.

However, we are here to report that a new Intelligence Agency chief of Taiwan has already been appointed. The new Intelligence Agency chief of Taiwan will be the Minister of Veterans Affairs Chiu Kuo-cheng. This means that Chiu Kuo-cheng will now become director-general of the National Security Bureau. Announcement of the new director-general of NSB was done by Presidential Office in early hours of Wednesday.

While we know that the former NSB chief has resigned, the investigation is still pending regarding the smuggling scandal that has come out. Reportedly, two NSB agents tried to smuggle 9800 cartons of cigarettes in the country without going through the customs.

Also, the two NSB agents who are prime suspects of this scandal have already been detained. The customs department of Taiwan has also notified that the cigarette cartons are already in their custody and have been moved to a different location.

The former NSB Chief Peng Sheng-chu was also a retired general and same goes for the new NSB chief too. This is because Chiu has also served as a general and is now retired at age 66. It is also known that Chiu completed his further studies in the United States and was also the President of National Defense University at one point of time.

Now, it is expected that Chiu will also head the investigation in the cigarette smuggling scandal which involves the role of NSB as well as China Airlines. From the initial investigation, it is revealed that the two agents of NSB made a list of 50 fake customers who ordered cigarettes for smuggling.

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