Taiwan sends its first-ever lettuce shipment to Saudi Arabia


You must have seen our report a few months ago where we revealed that Taiwan has sent a shipment of guavas to the US. This was part of a trade deal between the two countries and we have known that the first shipment of guavas was accepted in the US too. Also, other shipments of guavas from Taiwan to the US followed too. Now, we have some new trade news for the Taiwanese people where another local produce is being exported to another country.

This time, we are talking about the Middle East as it has come to our notice that Taiwan has sent its first shipment of lettuce to Saudi Arabia. This shipment of Lettuce was sent from Taiwan’s Yunlin county and it was sent after marking a ceremony prior to its departure.

Now, this first shipment of lettuce contained 20 tonnes of freshly-produced lettuce from central-south Taiwan and it will hit shelves inside stores of Saudi Arabia very soon. This is all thanks to the new cooling system which can keep the lettuce fresh for up to 28 days from the date of shipping.

Also, it is being said that this new cooling technique will be used in all the new exports for fruits and vegetable products to keep them fresh. Now, it is known that Taiwan exports plenty of lettuce outside the country but it was mostly to Japan till last year.

As per the record, about 10,000 tonnes of lettuce was exported to Japan in the last few years. But now that Saudi Arabia has joined Japan in the export of lettuce, it will open plenty more opportunity for lettuce producers in the country. Also, it is to be noted that this lettuce is produced by contract farmers on approximately 350 hectares land in Taiwan with a capacity of 1200 tonnes and value of NT$200 million.

Source Taiwan News

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