Taiwan reports its first case of Wuhan Virus


One of the most worrying things regarding Taiwan’s health sector has just been confirmed. This is the news that Taiwan has its first case of the Wuhan Virus which is a new type of deadly virus that has emerged out of China’s Wuhan which is the reason behind its name. Now, we know that China has reported many cases of the virus being detected in the region. But we did not have any cases of its neighbouring regions reporting the same.

As per the reports, this case of Taiwan’s Wuhan Virus detection is a from a passenger who was travelling from China’s Wuhan which is where the virus first came into existence. It is also being said that Taiwan has advised its citizens not to travel to China’s Wuhan until this virus’ outbreak stops. Also known as the coronavirus, it was detected in a Taiwanese patient who is a lady in her 50s. She was reportedly living in China’s Wuhan but returned to Taiwan because of symptoms such as fever, coughing and a sore throat.

Now, the virus’ outbreak is also dangerous because of the upcoming Lunar New Year which is the biggest season of migration in China and Taiwan. This is the time when people go from one place to another the most and the fear that this virus could spread even more has been increasing by each passing day. We have also understood that China already has 300+ cases of this virus and the death toll due to this virus has reached to 6 in the country now.

The Taiwanese lady revealed her symptoms to the officials and also said that “she had not visited any local markets or had contact with birds or wild animals while in Wuhan”. Also, reports claim that other passengers and crew in the same flight as the lady with the virus are also being monitored.

Source The Straits Times

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