Taiwan releases red travel advisory for people travelling to China’s Hubei province


You must have noticed that one of the worst outbreaks of a virus in Chinese history after Swine Flu is currently going on. This is regarding the Coronavirus which has originated from China, and particularly its Hubei province.

Also, it is said that Wuhan is the place where the coronavirus started to spread and most cases are from that city only. However, we know that Chinese travellers are spread across most parts of the world which means that the cases of this virus are now found everywhere.

For this reason, countries around the world have started to tell their citizens not to travel to China for the time being. You must also know that every country issues a travel advisory for its citizens according to different countries.

Now, Taiwan has issued a travel advisory for its citizens travelling to China’s Hubei province. Taiwanese administration has released a red travel advisory for the region which means that citizens should not travel to that region

This is also because China has locked down the Hubei province on its own due to the spread of coronavirus as a measure to stop this epidemic. Apart from the Hubei province, the rest of China has also been given an orange travel advisory by Taiwan which means that unnecessary visits, such as for travelling, should be avoided.

As per the latest confirmed report from China, more than 4500 cases of novel coronavirus have been found out of which the majority are from Hubei province and its capital Wuhan.

One thing to note is that travellers from Hubei, 37 of them, have already left Taiwan on Monday while people who were in contact with them are also under a watch by the Taiwanese health ministry. Also, Taiwan has reported seven cases of novel coronavirus found who are under strict observation.

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