Taiwan ranked second-highest in the world for stress levels: Report


The world knows Taiwan as an island nation marred with the conflict between China. Because of the cross-strait relations, the world does not know much about Taiwan other than that China wants to capture it. However, there is much more to Taiwan than what meets the eye and we are not referring to China here.

We are also not talking about the development and huge skyscrapers in Taipei such as Taipei 101. What we are talking about is a new survey that was conducted regarding the countries with the highest levels of stress in their population. And it is sad to report that Taiwan is considered the country with second-highest levels of stress.

Basically, it tells us that people in Taiwan have the most amount of stress on them only behind South Korea. Yes, South Korean people have reported that they have the highest amount of stress on them. Talking about this survey by Cigna, the survey company conducted 13,200 online interviews in 23 countries and 96 per cent of the Taiwanese respondents said that they have very high levels of stress in their life. However, 97% of South Koreans said that they have stress in their life.

In the survey’s online interviews, respondents were asked about their physical, financial, workplace, social, and family wellness which are the five pillars of health and well-being. However, the countries which came out on top in high-stress levels also came out last and second-last in the overall health index. Taiwan came out second-last in overall health index with a score of 55.3 out of 100 whereas South Korea had an even lower score than Taiwan to come last.

The survey results show that not only are South Koreans and Taiwanese people stressed in their lives, they are also having poor health which can be attributed to the high-stress levels as well. Interestingly, India came out on top in overall health index with a score of 74.8 followed by Saudi Arabia at 67.9. Read all about the survey from here.

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