Taiwan Railways releases its new trains for 2021 ordered from Japan


There has been a lot of development in the various sectors of the Taiwanese economy recently. We know that the world economy is facing a crisis due to the various factors but Taiwan is a country which is growing despite that crisis. Talking about the growth, while everyone is reporting a decline in economic growth in the third quarter of 2019, Taiwan has reported an increase. This shows that the Taiwanese economy is on track to grow even further once the situation around the world stabilizes.

Talking about the development, we know that the Taiwanese Railways are also doing great. To add more growth to its Railways sector, Taiwan’s Railways have ordered new trains from Japan which have also been unveiled to the public. As per the report, the Taiwan Railways Administration has ordered 600 new wagons for its trains from Japan which will be available by 2021. This means that you will be able to travel in the train wagons unveiled today after 12 months.

As far as the looks of the new train wagons go, they are absolutely futuristic in design and are similar to China’s Maglev train wagons. It is also revealed that these trains will run from 2021 on the East Coast of Taiwan. These wagons called the intercity train cars will have a white, black and grey look both outside and inside. Apart from that, these trains are also expected to be as fast as Puyuma and Taroko express trains even though they are intercity trains.

As for the deployment of these trains, it is revealed that Japan will start delivering these wagons from next year and the order should be completed by 2024. These wagons will be attached to 50 different trains having 12 wagons in one train. Also, these wagons will have 130 more seats compared to what is available at present for an increased capacity of up to 43%.

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