Taiwan puts a ban on exporting N95 and surgical masks due to China’s coronavirus


One of the biggest outbreak of a virus in recent history in China has to be the coronavirus outbreak that took place since the last few weeks. We know that there might have been something which is not yet revealed by the Chinese authorities.

However, we have started to notice that coronavirus’ outbreak in its epicentre Wuhan is much worse than expected. Already, Chinese authorities have confirmed 100 deaths in Wuhan due to this virus and we are aware that hundreds of people there are in a critical state.

Talking about China’s coronavirus, we know that it can spread easily thanks to coughing and sneezing which is quite common. However, special precautions need to be taken if you have these symptoms and are in an area affected by this virus. Already, Taiwanese officials have confirmed 5 cases of coronavirus in the country which have been detected on travellers from China’s Wuhan.

For this reason, it is told that everyone should wear face masks to either prevent themselves from the virus or stop it from spreading to others. So Taiwan is also in readiness and keeping stocks of the face masks and surgical masks. But Taiwanese authorities have done something that would put questions on their statement from a few days back.

Earlier, when Taiwanese authorities were asked regarding the stocks of face masks and surgical masks, they said that the country has enough stock. But now, Taiwan has put a ban on the export of N95 masks as well as surgical masks which really show that enough stock was not present.

This means that Taiwanese authorities want to preserve its stock of face masks so that its citizens can be saved from the outbreak of this virus. However, this move would face scrutiny from the international community as there is already a shortage of masks in China while Australia also wants masks for its wildfires.

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