Taiwan presidential candidate traveled with alleged mistress frequently abroad


We have seen all kinds of statements and misses from the Taiwan Presidential Candidate in Han Kuo-yu. However, we have somewhat of a new controversy regarding him right now. It is also fair to say that the reports are not the best of times for Han to have emerged. Because a new report reveals that Han travelled frequently with his alleged mistress abroad many times. It is also revealed from the report that the alleged mistress of Han Kuo-yu stayed with him at least twice in the same hotel on those trips.

The woman, named Miss Wang who is allegedly the mistress of Han Kuo-yu has been given NT$6 million by Han to purchase a new apartment in New Taipei City’s Xinzhung district. Also, the apartment served as a mahjong den as per the reports. The reports of an affair were denied by the woman at that time as well.

Once again, reports in Next Magazine have emerged regarding the same as an anonymous source told the magazine that Miss Wang had traveled overseas with Han “at least five or six times,” including on China’s trips. Also, Han’s campaign spokeswoman confirmed the reports but she said that Han’s visit abroad along with Miss Wang was for “business visits” on several occasions and that they indeed travelled together.

Han’s spokeswoman also revealed that Han’s friend Chao Tung-chou had also often participated in these trips, but she did not explain Chao’s role during these junkets. However, she added that Han and Miss Wang’s stay in the same hotel on overseas visits does not mean that they stayed in the same rooms as well.

Also, Miss Wang had said in a previous interview that Han would spend the night in her apartment if he got tired playing Mahjong with friends. However, she added that there was “absolutely no abnormal male-female relationship.”

Source Taiwan News

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