Taiwan levies a fine of NT$300,000 from patient for ‘hiding’ illness


The biggest health epidemic of this year and also possibly one of the biggest disasters regarding the health of the last few decades is currently going on. We are currently talking about the coronavirus which has emerged from China’s Wuhan and is now spreading all over the world. Since Taiwan is the neighbouring country to China, it is obvious that people will travel from China to Taiwan and back. Also, we know that travellers come from China to Taiwan every year and that includes visitors from Wuhan as well.

Therefore, Taiwan has already confirmed seven cases of patients infected by the coronavirus whereas people visiting Taiwan from China and also people who were in contact with visitors from Wuhan are being monitored. Now, a new incident has been reported by Nikkei Asian Review where the Taiwanese government has come down strict on one of its citizens. Also, this patient who was detected with an illness has been fined NT$300,000 or US$10,000 for not disclosing his illness to the authorities.

Now, the fine has been levied by this patient because he travelled from Wuhan to Taiwan and did not disclose his illness and even reportedly visited a night club after visiting the Hubei province which could be dangerous because a lot more people might get affected by the virus. Also known is that the man has been tested positive of the virus and he did not reveal the symptoms.

You might also be aware that the Lunar New Year are currently going on which means that Taiwanese working in China would return home to spend time with their family. This is also the time when the spread of the virus can be at its highest. According to reports, this man has problems namely an infection in the upper respiratory system but he did not tell the authorities about it.

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