Taiwan Legislature passes amendment to set maximum of life imprisonment for repeat drunk drivers

A new legislature has been passed in Taiwan for repeat drunk drivers


Taiwan has just passed a new legislature which involves the cases of drunken driving. This amendment was passed to Taiwan’s Criminal Code on Friday.  As per the report by ICRT, a maximum punishment of life imprisonment will be handed out to repeat drunk drivers who are found to be driving under influence (DUI). Also, this punishment will be handed within 5 years of conviction. Earlier, there was a proposal for this amendment to add penalties for people who are repeat drunk drivers. This was done under Article 185-3 of Criminal Code.

With the new rules coming in to effect, convicted drunk drivers will face imprisonment of up to life from a minimum of five years if they are found guilty. This is if they are found to have caused death in DUI cases within five years of them being convicted. Apart from that, the new regulations also increase punishment for repeat drunk drivers who have severely injured people. This punishment has been increased from 3 years to 10 years in all such cases.

Previously, Article 185-3 stated that those people driving vehicles in DUI state will face imprisonment up to two years and a fine of up to NT$200,000 or U.S. $6,331. Also, the breath alcohol content is found to be at 0.25 mg per litre or higher or if a person’s blood alcohol concentration is 0.05% or higher.

This law amendment was proposed because of the public outcry which was continuously increasing because of a series of DUI cases. In those cases, several people were either injured or killed in the last several years. Now, an earlier proposal was to give the death penalty for all those DUI cases who caused death “on purpose”. However, that proposal was later dropped by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party. But DPP lawmaker clarified that there is no need to give the death penalty for repeat drunk drivers as they will be charged under homicide if they are found guilty of taking people’s lives intentionally.

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