Taiwan KMT candidate Tsai blames DPP for the Black Hawk helicopter crash


You must have seen the reports where a Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Taiwan last week which took lives of 8 people including a top commander of the Taiwan force. Now, we know that the entire country is mourning the deaths of these brave fighters and it is known that they have to crash land in the mountains. However, the exact cause of this incident is yet to be identified which will be revealed soon as the black box has been found.

But in between all this, a KMT legislative candidate named Tsai Shu-hui who is also a former City Councillor blamed DPP for the helicopter crash. According to her statement, the campaign event jointly held by all the DPP’s legislative candidates on Thursday was the “real cause” of the Black Hawk crash that took the lives of eight Taiwanese military officials. This obviously did not go down well with the DPP as well as many of the netizens who said that no politician should use the deaths of people as an advantage for her campaign.

Also, Tsai said that voters need to be wary of the dirty tactics employed by the DPP, including “fake accidents”. This means that the former City Councilor from KMT thinks that DPP caused this incident on their own to gain sympathy and that it was “fake”. Soon after the criticism, Tsai became aware that her statements did not go down well with anyone and apologized for her comments.

DPP headquarters also said that Tsai should cease her “political manipulation”. Although Tsai apologized for her accusation, she also maintained that no politicians should use the tragic incident as a campaigning tool and that her speech had been deliberately exaggerated by the DPP to harm her reputation.

Source Taiwan News

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