Taiwan intercepts Chinese fighter jets flying close to the island


There have been talks lately about the Chinese regime and its Taiwan situation where they have been demanding the island nation to surrender and become a part of China. Now, many people around the world believe that China might use its forces to capture Taiwan if its talks don’t go well. And we have seen that the re-election of Tsai Ing-wen as Taiwan President has dampened the efforts from China since President Tsai is in favour of Taiwan independence from China.

Now, it looks more likely that the only option China has is to use its force to capture Taiwan or at least threaten the authorities to take action and retaliate. Right on cue, we have a report where it is found out that the Chinese air force flew very close to the island nation. This meant that Taiwan’s air force, in order to protect its area, had to scramble its jets and not let Chinese forces come close. We are not sure why the Chinese forces were so close to Taiwan and nothing has been said yet. Also, the timing of this is unfortunate since China is going through its worst epidemic in history and they don’t need war at this time.

But since Chinese air forces have come close to Taiwan, the escalation took place from their side which is quite fascinating. China has been doing “island encirclement” drills since President Tsai’s election in 2016 and this also looks to be the same exercise. Taiwan’s military also revealed that “During this period, the national military appropriately used air reconnaissance aircraft and air defence forces in accordance with combat readiness regulations,”. The period it is referring to is the time when Chinese jets and bombers were close to Taiwan and came back after circling via Miyako and Okinawa to the northeast of Taiwan.

Source Aljazeera

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