Taiwan protestors against Hong Kong bill
Taiwan protestors against Hong Kong bill

There has been a lot of uproar in the public against the extradition bill from Hong Kong. Lots of civic groups in Taiwan have already urged the government to adopt some hard regulations in reply to Hong Kong’s bill which is extremely controversial.

Civic groups have suggested that Taiwan put tighter controls on Hong Kong’s investments as well as visits from their civil servants. Ahead of the second reading of the bill, there was a statement issued by the groups who urged the Taiwanese government to submit countermeasure proposal.

The groups requested the government to submit its proposal to the Legislature in its extraordinary session scheduled on June 17. The groups also said that Taiwan government should also issue its statement and ask the government of Hong Kong to halt review of its bill.

The group claims that the bill is risking the personal freedom of Taiwanese nationals. Because the bill allows Hong Kong government to send suspects to China for trial.

Although the bill is being fiercely opposed in Hong Kong by an estimated 1 million protestors, the extradition bill backed by China is expected to be passed by Hong Kong lawmakers very soon.

The group also says that Taiwan should review its special status given to Hong Kong and possibly withdraw it if the bill is passed by the government. According to Taiwan’s laws and because of Hong Kong’s relative autonomy, Taiwan comes under different regulations than China for legal and travel matters.

At the moment, we know that Hong Kong residents get relatively easy entry into Taiwan as opposed to Chinese citizens. The Chinese citizens have stricter regulations which require them to submit a valid visa from either U.S. or Canada or submit savings in excess of NT$100,000.

Lai Chung-Chiang says that “If the bill is passed, Taiwanese people traveling to or transiting through Hong Kong could be sent to China,”

Source: CNA

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