Taiwan government finally allows to evacuate 200 Taiwanese businessmen from Wuhan


The world is worried at the moment regarding the Wuhan virus, officially termed as the Novel Coronavirus, which has originated from China’s Hubei province and is spreading all over the world now. Now, we know that Wuhan is a place where Taiwanese have been operating their businesses, as well as students, are also there. This is the case with most countries around the world who have their citizens in the city. Therefore, governments have been trying to send special aircraft to Wuhan in order to evacuate their citizens from the city which is in a severe lockdown.

Therefore, we also expect Taiwan to send an aircraft to rescue its citizens from the city as well. However, that is not exactly the case with Taiwan government as they are more worried about people coming from Wuhan having the virus which could spread to more citizens in Taiwan. If we take an example of India, the country’s government has set up special camps which are quarantined and the people coming from Wuhan are meant to be kept there for a week. Similarly, Taiwan could make arrangements to keep people coming from Wuhan isolated to other citizens in the country.

In a new report, the Taiwan government reportedly refused to allow Taiwanese businessmen from coming back to Taiwan from China’s Wuhan. But common sense has prevailed and these businessmen, about 200 of them, have been allowed to fly back to Taiwan in a special chartered aircraft. These aircraft will fly for two days and businessmen in Wuhan will be notified regarding the flight timings and cabs will also be arranged for their transportation to the airport.

According to one estimate, around 500 Taiwanese are still stranded in Wuhan which means that 2-3 flights are needed to bring back all the Taiwanese from Wuhan. However, it remains to be known how many of these citizens are affected by the virus.

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