Taiwan fines New Taipei couple NT$300,000 for quarantine rule breach


Right now, we know that one of the worst epidemics in human history has broken out which is the Wuhan virus or the Novel Coronavirus. The major damage due to this virus has been in China which is also the epicentre of the same. However, there have been cases all over the world with people affected due to this virus and the number is increasing too. We have also seen that the cases of people getting affected by this virus outside China are from those who have visited China recently.

For this reason, countries around the world have banned travelling to China for its citizens as well as people from China have been banned from entering other countries too. This is definitely a safety measure which is to ensure that the spread of this virus is curbed. Now, we know that most of these safety measures have been implemented well but there have been some exceptions. One such case has just come to our notice where a couple from New Taipei has been fined for breaching the quarantine rule.

Basically, this couple where the husband is from Taiwan and the wife is from China broke their quarantine rule. According to this rule, everyone who has been diagnosed with symptoms of the coronavirus needs to be inside their homes for 14 days at least. However, this couple tried to escape to China via a boat even though they had just visited China. This fine is known to be NT$300,000 for breaking the rule which could put Taiwanese citizens’ safety in jeopardy.

Also, it is reported that the couple lost their temper when they were denied entry to the ferry by local immigration officers and also when the reporters arrived. The couple said that they were not aware of the quarantine rule and did not have coronavirus or its symptoms.

Source Taiwan News

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