Taiwan President
Taiwan President

President Tsai seems to be in no mood to back down against the constant pressure from the Chinese government. Ahead of the scheduled US visit by President Tsai Ing-wen, she praised the democracy of Taiwan on Twitter. She mentioned that there is no way that Taiwan’s democracy will be curbed by the saber-rattling from Beijing.

Tsai also mentioned that her administration continues to prioritize a stable relationship with China in an interview given to Global News based in Taiwan. Tsai also added that “Taiwan does not provoke Beijing, but the country is determined to safeguard its democracy, freedom, and sovereignty”

Taiwan President also urges China to not “misjudge” the situation and she adds that Coercion will not move the determination of Taiwan’s people. Along with U.S., other democratic and smaller countries in the region are also looking closely to see if Taiwan can preserve its democratic system and way of life amidst constant pressure from China claims President Tsai.

President of Taiwan also stressed the importance of securing the country via its defense capabilities and said that “We [Taiwan] are not just one side of the Taiwan Strait, we are a contributor to the region’s peace and stability,”

President Tsai also emphasized that Freedom, Democracy and human rights are the fundamental value of Taiwan’s people and she remains optimistic that these values will be upheld despite the potential presidential candidates prioritizing economic development over democracy.

Talking about Taiwan’s economy, President Tsai said that every economy has a social problem but if there is no democratic mechanism to solve those conflicts, economic development will slow down eventually. She added that “Can you keep money in your pocket if you do not have democracy and freedom?”

Although the Taiwan President is not visiting US officially, they will be staying in the U.S. for four nights as “layovers” while on a visit to four Caribbean allies during her 12-day trip.

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