One of the worst outbreaks of viruses in the history of Taiwan and China has just taken place. Now, we also feel that the timing of this outbreak could not have been any worse. Because we are approaching the Lunar New Year which is when millions of people will migrate to greet and enjoy their New Year. Since the virus has broken out, we know that there is a high chance that the virus will spread. This is the reason why people in China’s Wuhan have been locked down which is the place from where this virus originally broke out.

Talking about the Coronavirus, also known as Wuhan virus, we know that it is found in mammals and can be quite dangerous as well. In patients, the symptoms are cough, cold, fever and infection in the throat as well as soreness. Since this is also a virus which can spread easily due to coughing, the patients have to be kept under strict conditions so that no one else gets the same.

Now, we reported that Taiwan got its first coronavirus case in a lady in her 50s who was returning from Wuhan after the symptoms mentioned above. Now, Taiwan’s health department has confirmed two more cases of patients with coronavirus infection. This means that the total cases of Taiwanese patients with the virus have now reached 3. Having said that, we also know that there have not been any casualties so far due to this virus in Taiwan which is great news for the country.

But we also know that the virus can be deadly as the death toll keeps on rising in China’s Wuhan and other areas which means people have to take extra precautions. Reports reveal that the two news cases were a Chinese woman in her 50s and a Taiwanese man in his 50s, who both entered Taiwan from China on Jan. 21.

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