Taiwan CEC confirms Voters wearing National flag outfits will be allowed to vote


Taiwan’s Central Election Commission has announced an important decision which will delight the supporters of KMT candidate Han Kuo-yu. Taiwan CEC has confirmed that voters who are wearing outfits themed on Taiwan National flag will be allowed to enter the polling stations in Taiwan for next year’s Presidential Elections. The Nationa flag, which has become a hallmark of KMT Candidate Han, will not be seen as a polling symbol.

However, CEC Chairperson Lee Chin-Yung also added that “people dressed in a Taiwanese flag theme will not be prevented from exercising their right to vote in 2020, but those whose outfits bear obvious references to particular candidates will be prohibited from voting”. This means that while you can wear the National flag-themed outfit, you can’t have anything which refers to Han or anyone else which is obvious.

Lee added that “Banned images include pictures of candidates; political party logos; and specific numbers, patterns, or words denoting information of a political nature”. This was told by Lee when he made the announcements regarding elections of Taiwan’s next President as well as legislators.

Lee gave the answer regarding National Flag-themed outfits in context of Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Liu Shyh-fang’s question where she referenced the considerable number of participants garbed in flag-themed clothes at rallies for Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu. She also requested the polling authorities to “clearly lay out rules on the topic of patriotic apparel to avoid controversy”

Taiwanese flag has become an identity of sorts of the KMT Candidate Han as you can see lots and lots of flags waived during his rallies. There have been some comments from Senior Taiwanese media personnel that this is a sign of voter disenchantment with DPP. However, she blasted these comments as “opposing the Taiwanese flag while manipulating national identity issues.”

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