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Taiwan has already started administering the first domestic vaccine for COVID-19. Amidst criticism, it has seen a rush in its approval. The health ministry of this island authorized the emergency use of the Medicine vaccine. The clinical trial for this domestic vaccine is yet to have its completion.

The vaccination efforts in Taiwan have seen obstacles due to the delays and hesitancy in delivery among its population. President Tsai Ing-wen started with leading the way as he received the Medigen jab.

During the time of the approval, this Vaccine of Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp is yet to complete with its three phases of trials. However, it is having its grant of approval from its regulators.

The company has said that there are no major safety concerns and studies that are showing that antibodies start to form. At least it is nothing worse than those which the AstraZeneca vaccines created.

It is about to complete its final round of trials in Paraguay later this year. Medigen comes as a recombinant protein vaccine. It is much more similar to the vaccines of Novavax. The Novavax jab is using a traditional method for recreating the part of spike protein for the virus. It helps in stimulating the immune system.

“We have done so many experiments; everyone has seen how safe our vaccine is. There are so few side effects, almost no fever, and so on. So I think everyone can rest assured,” Medigen’s Chief Executive Officer Charles Chen told Reuters.

Accusations are clouding this rollout. Many accusations are coming from the opposition party, the KMT, that this vaccine is unsafe or that the entry of this vaccine into the market has a rush.

Two prominent members from this part have approached the court to revoke the emergency approval for the insufficient testing. One of them said that there is no need to treat people like the white hart in a laboratory.

Taiwan is using the Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines. But the president held off on receiving shots until Medigen was ready. They did not feel nervous while receiving the jab. More than 70000 people have signed up for this vaccine which needs 2 doses 28 days apart.

Taiwan is now reporting around 10 cases a day. It is now one of the most successful places in containing COVID. The government has ordered 5 million doses, but it will not force anyone to get the vaccine.

Credits: BBC

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