Top Gun 2
Top Gun 2

You might have already heard about the trailer that was released of Top Gun 2 movie which features Tom Cruise. there was also an initial version of this film which was released in 1986 named as Top Gun.

Now, surprising evidence has been found from this film which shows how China is censoring even the scenes from films. According to a report, China has censored the Taiwanese and Japanese flags from the trailer, and presumably the film, Top Gun 2.

While the movie’s trailer was released at San Diego’s Comic-Con event, the film is all set to be released in 2020. However, the trailer reveals how China wants to suppress Taiwan and its identity. The main actor in this film is seen wearing a jacket which he also wore 35 years ago when the first version of this film was released.

But we can notice that there is a difference between the two jackets while being the same. The difference is that Taiwanese and Japanese flags are missing from Top Gun 2 while they were seen on Top Gun.

Although the flags have been censored and this is not enough evidence that China has done it, there is new evidence which shows China’s censor. According to reports, China’s Tencent pictures had made a deal with Paramount in 2018 to collaborate on the film and this is evidence enough that China has censored the flags from this film.

People in China get offended “easily” on seeing censored things such as Taiwan flags as well as Japanese flags and this is the reason why they have been censored.

Also, there is a patch on the back of the lead character’s jacket which read “USS Galveston” and “Far East Cruise 63-4” in 1986’s Top Gun. However, that is also changed to “United States Navy” and “Indian Ocean Cruise 85-86.”. Some users have called this move “petty” and “pathetic” from Tencent.


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